Linux Mount CIFS 共享?mount error 13 = Permission denied

How to Mount a CIFS Share in Linux Environment? 

经常在我们挂载cifs共享时遇到mount error 13 = Permission denied这类错误,请耐心的阅读完本文,我相信你将会有所收获.


mount.cifs - mount using the Common Internet File System (CIFS)


mount.cifs {service} {mount-point} [-o options]

I am getting sick and tired of this so called Smbfs replacement \"Cifs\". I have yet another error trying to mount a share on a Windows server 2003 standard edition machine. I get an error saying \"Permission denied\" despite entering the right credentials:

Cifs \"mount error 13 = Permission denied\" CIFS SUCKS

Most of people got this Permission Denied access when mounting a Windows Shared folder

following mounting ->

usually :

mount -t cifs //<MachineName>/<Shared Folder> /mnt/Shared -o username=<username>,password=<password>
give you error 13.

correct :

mount -t cifs //<MachineName>/<SharedFolder> /mnt/Shared -o username=<DomainName>/<username>,password=<password>


mount.cifs //<MachineName>/<SharedFolder> /mnt/Shared -o username=<DomainName>/<username>,password=<password>

Yes! the only deference is \"domain name:\" is missing. In case of No Domain try to put your there.
cifs does not locate domain itself (I guess).


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